The White Lion Healing School is an energy medicine healing school based on the concepts that originated from the ancient Saqqara healing school located near the Giza Pyramide in Egypt and the White Lions in South Africa. Saqqara and the White Lions are connected through the Golden Meridian going from the North to the South creating a Golden Triangle with the star constellation of Sirius. In sacred geometry, a triangle is a symbol of creation. 


The White Lions are called the Star Lions and are known for carrying ancient wisdom and knowledge on the Earth. They are responsible for keeping this sacred knowledge alive and to share it with humanity. They represent the family constellation.


The White Lion Healing School is divided into seven levels: Levels one to three are focused on self-healing foundation and mastery which is important for everyone who wishes to go one step further to becoming a practitioner of energy medicine. Levels four to six are focused on healing others and the seventh level is the mastery level to become a master healer. During each level, you will become attuned to the white lion healing frequencies that you will apply either for yourself, your family, and your clients. 


Level 1: White Lion-Self-Healing Foundation Training, online, 2 days, CHF 330

Level 2: White Lion-Self-Healing Intermediary Training, online, 2 days, CHF 330

Level 3: White Lion-Self-Healing Mastery Training, online, 2 days, CHF 330

Level 4: White Lion-Energy Healing Foundation Training, in person, 5 days, CHF 1’500

Level 5: White Lion-Energy Healing Intermediary I. Training, in person, 6 days, CHF 1’650

Level 6: White Lion-Energy Healing Intermediary II. Training, in person, 7 days, CHF 1’800

Level 7: White Lion-Mastery in Energy Healing, 7 days in South Africa, CHF 2’200 


If you cannot afford the school tuition, you can apply for a scholarship at the Institute for Family Healing to attend the training of the White Lion Healing School. 


Recommended for

Family counselors, therapists, physiotherapists, modern medicine doctors, practitioners of energy medicine, and all who wish to learn how to heal themselves and others from the inside out. After all seven levels, you will become certified by the White Lion Healing School, and you will be eligible for ongoing upgrades and training at the advanced level. 



Level 1: 1-2 March 2021 online, 2-7 PM h, CET

Level 2: 3-4 March 2021 online, 2-7 PM h, CET

Level 3: 5-6 March 2021 online, 2-7 PM h, CET



If you are interested in attending the White Lion Healing School, you can register here