The Weight Management programs are based on a holistic approach to help you manage your weight –  to lose or gain weight. Due to your emotional and mental weight being connected to your physical weight, it can show itself either in absence or excess.


If you clear and heal the energetical weight, the physical body will automatically follow and adjust. Under the terminology 'energetical weight' we mean unsupportive information saved in your energy field, such as anger, fear of letting go, guilt, lack of love, etc. blocking the physical change in weight. Clearing your energy field beforehand will make the effort of gaining or losing weight much easier and quicker. The integration process varies in time. Additional possible side effects can be a change in taste, less binge-eating (emotional eating), and a reduced alcohol or caffeine consumption.



Do It Yourself Weight Management

CHF 150



Weight Gain Healing Program

CHF 1'250



Weight Loss Healing Program

CHF 1'250