"After our session, I was pleasantly surprised at Caroline's sincere and at the same time precise ability to describe what was happening in my body and mind and that description matched my past experiences and internal feelings. It felt like she literally went inside my body, mind, and soul for the 45 minutes of our session and was able to see and identify everything that happened in my life. Our second session (Health & Lifestyle Acceleration®) was amazing just like the first one (Family Acceleration®).  Caroline confirmed things I already knew on some level but either was not confident enough to trust or else had been resisting. She spoke to me with care and kindness and helped me open my eyes and get a clearer picture of what memories and emotions were behind my physical issues. Caroline is very skilled and compassionate and I very much appreciate working with her."


Michaela, 44, Switzerland


"The series of sessions I had have made a big difference for me.  Life feels easier with the elimination of old "energetic load.” It seems that my PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome) from childhood abuse just evaporated. I feel more vibrant and alive and interested in life (not dragging anymore).  There were the Family Acceleration® sessions, and a couple of Health & Lifestyle Acceleration® sessions done, then the 7 Bodies Healing Program. My friends have noticed a positive difference in my presentation of being too. It seems like I’m coming from a new level in dealing with life challenges, with more assurance and less mental conflict about which direction to head. I like the way intuition “finds me” now. I especially appreciate having the blessings of a healing session for my direct family on their birthdays!"

Claudette, 81, USA


"My doctor told me that I will never be able to do kick-boxing again. After one Health & Lifestyle Acceleration® session with Caroline and the activation of my body's self-healing powers, my arm was healed in half of the usual time and 6 months later I was back standing on the mat." 

Kim, 17, Switzerland


"Going into hypnosis (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) under the guidance of Caroline was one of the best decisions I have made in the past years. Thanks to this healing approach, my body got back into its original form after being damaged by a spinal injury. I have also understood and especially felt during the hypnosis what the potential of my life could be if I keep working on increasing my vibration. Before that, I understood this fact mentally, but while being under, I felt in depth how I could easily direct my life in the desired direction and towards my dream goals.

Thanks to the recording, I remember the state of consciousness I was in during the hypnosis and can put myself into it again. Now I feel that my life is clear of fear of finances, illness, and, more generally, fear of the future."

Ramona, 47, Slovakia


"During the purpose mentorship sessions, I learned how to pick out the positive sides of life and find happiness with where I am at now. Before the coaching, I thought that I was happy. Now I'm at a completely new level of happiness! It also made my dreams, wishes, or aspirations seem more accomplishable and helped me fixate what I really want and need right now, and gave my mind a strong reason why I should follow my goals, which I believe is and will continue to be a great motivator for me. I believe that the mentorship also helped me find my self-worth and willpower. Caroline has a very open-minded, easy-going, and loving personality which made it a lot easier for me to open up to her and making the first few big steps into becoming my most successful Self." 


Savanna, 20, Switzerland


"Remove anything you might think could be an obstacle to choosing working with Caroline to enhance your life by working with the subconscious through the gentle but effective Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).


Caroline was a perfect combination of kindness with professionalism and is excellently trained in her methodology of hypnosis. After setting an appointment time, I had a few days to prepare my questions and send them to her in advance. Caroline was organized, timely perception, and respected the privacy of my areas of challenges. During the session, I was guided into a relaxed state and addressed areas of blockages or concerns. I found internal answers and clearings for issues and memories that have been blocking, nesting, or restricting in my current lifestream subconscious. It has taken me several weeks to see how these shifts have affected my ability to embrace current opportunities and visions with new and fresh optimism.


I encourage others to connect with Caroline and experience her gentle wisdom. It is not accessing just the knowledge of an old soul or a star child's intuition, Caroline is here to serve and upgrade our capacities and is well trained in her chosen modalities. Her teachers are extraordinary in their fields. Caroline's session process is gentle, and her kind voice makes you can feel safe while deep psyche clearing and internal transformation can take place. I both enjoyed our time together and appreciate the results of our session."

Katie, 60, USA