What our clients say

"Thank you for the great Health & Lifestyle Acceleration® session. It helped me a lot to get back in balance and I felt very good and safe with you. I feel my intuition much better now and this strengthens my confidence, which now helps me to take everything that comes into my life with more ease."


G.M., Switzerland



"The series of sessions I had have made a big difference for me.  Life feels easier with the elimination of old "energetic load.”  It seems that my PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome) from childhood abuse just evaporated. I feel more vibrant and alive and interested in life (not dragging anymore).  There was the Family Acceleration, and a couple of healing sessions done, then a series of seven healing sessions. My friends have noticed a positive difference in my presentation of being too. It seems like I’m coming from a new level in dealing with life challenges, with more assurance and less mental conflict about which direction to head. I like the way intuition “finds me” now. I especially appreciate having the blessings of a healing session for my direct family on their birthdays!"




Our client booked The 7 Bodies Healing Program and had several Health & Lifestyle Acceleration® and Family Acceleration® sessions over a period of 3 months.




"My doctor told me that I will never be able to do kick-boxing again. After one Health & Lifestyle Acceleration® session with Caroline, my arm was healed in half of the usual time and 6 months later I was back standing on the mat." 


K.M., Switzerland