Shamanic medicine is known since ancient times and counts to the sacred technologies on earth, which were given to humanity to be able to survive into future generations. Shamans cared for the health of the tribe, favorable weather conditions for crops and good relationships with the spirits of nature. Humans would be barely able to survive until nowadays without having access to these healing practices in the past. Today, practitioners being born with shamanic wisdom help to heal chronic and incurable diseases by tackling the root of the problem instead of the symptoms. A shamanic healing has no negative side effects and focuses on the healing of the “mind, body and spirit”. Shamanism is not a religion.

The benefits are countless starting with stress release, sleeping well, losing fears and anxiety, increasing focus, self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth which are so important to build a successful career and future. We often see that clients who feel blocked in their life become whole and get empowered to move further after a shamanic healing. Childhood or family traumas are often the root cause of any disease which could be prevented when healed before – e.g. cancer. For example, a girl with ADHD was able to increase her attention in school already after the first of her 10 shamanic sessions. Her body contained heavy metals that are typically present with ADHD. A businesswoman got a new job after the deep wounds of her parent’s divorce 40 years ago were healed. And a family business could return to its original purpose and profitability after healing the multi-generational conflicts and negative family patterns being present for more than 100 years. 


We offer various types of shamanic healings for various life or health challenges. All types contain the core shamanic healing practices based on the client's problem. The healing is focused on either Native American, White Lion, Siberian, Maori, Peruvian, or Maui shamanic healing. Below you will find the description of each individual shamanic practice. We recommend choosing the type of healing intuitively. We work in person or by distance. We neither use nor offer any herbs or additions during the healing. The shamanic healing is purely done energetically.

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