Peak Performance Acceleration®

Your daily performance is based on how you feel, how you sleep, what you eat and your workout. They altogether influence the quality of your life and your professional success.


Peak Performance Acceleration® will clear your energy field and your subconscious mind from...

Health & Lifestyle Acceleration®

This program helps you to transform your life and health to the next level. Regular clearing and strengthening of your energy system will free your mind from any negative memories improving your health, strengthening your resilience and increasing your happiness in an unexpected way.

Family Acceleration®

Your family DNA and epigenetics contain memories, experiences, and beliefs which might not allow you and your family to move forward today as in the past. Positive family relationships are the healthy bloodstream of any family which get often contaminated by unresolved multi-generational conflicts leading to...

Shamanic Medicine

Shamanic medicine is known since ancient times and counts to the sacred technologies on earth, which were given to humanity to be able to survive into future generations. Today, practitioners being born with shamanic wisdom help to heal chronic and incurable diseases by tackling the root of the problem instead of the symptoms.


QHHT Regression

A QHHT session allows us to go back in time, which often holds the cause of physical, mental, and emotional pain we experience today. Also, we will access the all-knowing part of ourselves. Both parts of the QHHT can bring you healing on all levels and you will get a deeper understanding of today's situations (relationships, job, illnesses, your purpose, etc.). 


A regular and correct meditation practice has been scientifically proven that it increases concentration, resilience, and success. It can even improve brain function and self-awareness which overall contributes to greater well-being. 


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Life-Coaching for Teenagers

& Young Adults

This Life-Coaching Program will help you transform into your most successful Self. The goal of this 12-weeks program is to have a balanced emotional and mental health, which is the foundation of a healthy physical body, strong and healthy relationships, and of successful goal achieving.