"Access your past and win the future"


The first part of a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon) session allows us to go back in time, which often holds the cause of the physical, mental, and emotional pain we have today. In the second part, we will be accessing the all-knowing part of ourselves - our subconscious. In both parts of the hypnosis, healing can occur on all levels (physical, mental, emotional,...), and you will get a deeper understanding of today's situations (relationships, job, illnesses, your purpose, etc.) and many AHA!-moments.



First, you tell me the most important moments in your life, including people that shaped you to the person you are today. These are important to know how to guide you through hypnosis better. Also, you will receive all the answers to all the questions you ever had, which you will let me know before you go under.


Then I put you into the hypnosis, which is easy for everyone to go under, and the journey begins. You are aware and have control over your body at any time throughout the hypnosis.


After we finished with the first part, we contact your subconscious. Here, I'm going to ask about the significance of the experience you just had in your past (first part of the hypnosis) for a more in-depth understanding of today's situations. If you have any physical, emotional, or mental issues which you would like to release, this is the best time to do so. (I walked out of my session without any lower back pain, which I had for months because I understood what the real issue was. The physical pain is only the symptom.) Additionally, I'm going to ask all the questions you gave me in the beginning. 


The session can be recorded so that you can listen to your answers as often as you would like.


One session is around 4h long and is only possible in person.


Europaallee 41, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland


CHF650 per session