Healthier students for a brighter future 


As an Institute, we offer meditation programs for schools to give students the chance to better their school performance and life quality effectively. Through a regular practice of the kind of meditation we facilitate, stress and violence can be reduced, grades increased, and the class climate between teacher and student and student to student bettered. Overall, the life quality of students increases.



Procedure & Options

1. First, we offer a 40 minutes presentation that includes the introduction to meditation and its benefits with a live guided meditation. After this lesson, the students will know the helpful benefits of meditation and can practice by themselves. Additionally, they will receive the recording of the meditation so that they can use it in the future.* The presentation looks like this:


00:00 Introduction to meditation and its benefits

00:10 Guided meditation

00:25 Feedback and discussion with students

00:35 Questions



2. On the school's interest, we agree on a weekly or monthly program, which we will facilitate live with the students. By offering our diverse meditation program to the students, they get the chance to better their school performance and increase their life quality effectively.**



*We offer the 40 minutes introduction in Europe and by Zoom internationally.

**We offer the meditation program in and around Zurich or by Zoom internationally.



Work with us

If you are interested in working with us together, please contact us below.