Weight Management Healing Series

Weight Management Healing Series

How comfortable do you feel in your own skin? For how long have you been telling yourself to take better care of your weight? What if managing your weight was much easier than you thought? We invite you to join this energy healing series with the focus on "Weight Management" which is a holistic approach to help you gain or lose weight. Why would an energy healing help you do that? The emotional and mental weight is connected to our physical weight and can show itself either in absence or excess. If you clear and heal the energetical weight, the physical body will automatically follow and adjust. This process can vary in time. Additional possible side effects can be a change in taste, less binge-eating (emotional eating) and reduced alcohol consumption.


Nonetheless, we recommend healthy eating and exercise. Energy healings will give you support for your weight loss or weight gain.

1. Weight Management #1

2. Weight Management #2


After you download this healing series, you can repeat it as often as you like. Every time you re-listen to it, it acts as a new healing because your body got upgraded from the last one is now in a new state. Here the healings can work on a deeper level which will bring further results.