This energy healing will give you a holistic support by managing your ideal weight - physically, mentally and emotionally. To lose physical weight in general, one must follow a healthy day structure. Regular fitness, healthy nutrition and enough sleep are key. There is also the other side to managing one’s weight which is connected to our energy body holding on energetic weight blocking the physical weight in our body. To de-block the physical body, one must work on the energy body being connected to it. 


We will start with a deep cleanse on the physical level, getting rid of toxins, excessive water storage and reducing acidity. Then we continue with clearing and resolving mental and emotional wounds baggage. This will automatically result in a healthier physical body giving you more control about your day structure. Through clearing unwanted emotional wounds and memories the healing will erase the informations of cravings and food addictions in your energy system. You will feel more relaxed and in peace with yourself. To finish, the healing frequencies will restore your balance in your mental, emotional and physical body, leaving you with an overall increase in your wellbeing around your weight and body. You will get to know yourself as a new person having more fun and ease in your life. 


Discover a new way of an efficient weight management. Managing your weight was never so easy and enjoyable!

Weight Management