This energy healing series of three works to better the relationships with the people you have around you, society, and most importantly, with yourself. 


You are connected to every single person you know. This bond can be thinner or thicker and varies in quality. When working on these energetical connections, not just the relationship itself gets healing. That is because it consists of three parts: you, the other person and your connection, the string between you both. If there is no string - no relationship. Also, when something is connected, it is in resonance. Once your relationship gets healing, all the components get healing too. So you can say that our relationships determine our health, wealth, and happiness.


We recommend listening to the energy healings in the order below. Know, that you can't better the relationship with your parents if you haven't worked on the relationship you have with yourself. Everything you want to change first needs to be changed within.


1. Relationship with Myself


2. Inner Circle: Relationship with your family and close friends


3. Outer Circle: Relationship with the world and society

The Relationship Circles Program