Strbske Pleso Retreat 2020

"Family Power - How we can work and win together" online retreat with the Strbske Pleso in Slovakia and the Pyramid Giza in Egypt healing energies enriched our lives last week. We received the answers to our questions: "What is the family power and what does it mean for families to work and win together?" A family functions like nature, it is a perfect system which underlies divine laws. A healthy system functions equally for all its members - everyone gives and takes in the same proportions. There is no member who is more important than the other and the whole system can only win when all members work together through exchange. A family which works together - wins together. This is the true "family power" coming from a family system operating in harmony - by the golden ratio principle. If a family does not live and work in harmony, then the dysfunctional system turns into health problems of its members.


The Strbske Pleso Retreat 2020 will strengthen through its 10 family healing transmissions and 3 morning energy meditations your individual power centres and the entire body. The healing energy of Strbske Pleso's nature and the ancient Egyptian energies from the Pyramid Giza will put the golden ratio into each individual power centre (chakra) and create a golden protection body for each family member. The meditations use the healing power of the sun, the moon and the stars to multiply the effect of the transmissions for the healing of each family member. 


Family Healing Transmission #1: My Self-Identity “I am”

Family Healing Transmission #2: My Voice of the Truth

Family Healing Transmission #3: My Heart Technology

Family Healing Transmission #4: My Power and My Will Technology

Family Healing Transmission #5: My Roots 

Family Healing Transmission #6: My Strength

Family Healing Transmission #7: My Balancing Heaven Point

Family Healing Transmission #8: My Balancing Earth Point

Family Healing Transmission #9: My Golden Ratio for #1-#8 body power spots

Family Healing Transmission #10: My Golden Ratio Body Protection


Morning Energy Meditation #1: Helios – Upgrade and Restructure the Cells

Morning Energy Meditation #2: Moon – Balancing the Blood Circulation

Morning Energy Meditation #3: Stars – Download of the Ancient Star Wisdom


Feel free to use the downloads for your entire family. If you have any questions regarding the process of healing, please contact us at

Strbske Pleso Retreat 2020