Strbske Pleso 2019: Become Your Own Iron Wo/Man

This training involves a total of 7 transmissions (energy healings which upgrade your body structure) and 3 meditations, which were recorded at power spots in nature surrounding Srbske Pleso and within the hotel. The transmissions activate different body power centers inside of your body through which your entire system gets upgraded. An upgrade of your body means a cleaner energetical body (increased health), stronger core (higher self-confidence and self-esteem), higher focus and quicker and better decision making.


Additionally, you will receive the three detox and rejuvenation energy meditations, which focus on the various energetical bodies. Become your own IRON Wo/man today! The program includes:


7 Transmissions "Become Your Own Iron Wo/Man"

1) Third Eye power center - to see

2) Throat power center - to speak

3) Heart power center - to feel

4) Lower Dantien power center - to want to achieve - the will

5) Thunder power center - to thunder your goals

6) First transcendental power center above the head

7) First transcendental power center below the body


3 Detox & Rejuvenation Energy Meditations

1) Physical-Etheric Body

2) Emotional-Mental Body

3) Causal-Spiritual Body


You will also receive a recording of the breathing method we were practicing every morning after meditation, further increasing your resilience.


If you would like to participate at our Strbske Pleso Retreat this year, this mp3-package is a requirement. 

Strbske Pleso 2019: Become Your Own Iron Wo/Man



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