Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls

Do your thoughts never stop flooding your mind? Are you often stressed and even experience anxiety? Do you have trouble keeping your focus on one thing at the time? Then our sound bath with crystal singing bowls could help you restore your inner balance and cleanse your mind. Already since the 19th century, it is known that music can affect the physical body by reducing blood pressure and improving your metabolism. The vibrations and sounds which the crystal singing bowls emit have great healing abilities. They can help you calm your nervous system, increase your focus, and harmonize your emotional and mental health.


Here are other possible side effects of participating in a crystal singing bowl healing:

  • Cure insomnia

  • Reduce anxious thoughts and feelings

  • Release stress and anxiety

  • Clears your mind

  • Better focus

  • Helps you find inner peace

  • Rejuvenates your mind and body

  • Decreases blood pressure

  • Pain relief



This sound bath is 45min long. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes. You also want to lie down during the session, so we advise you to use your bed or prepare a yoga mat with a blanket and cushion. Also, it is best to experience this sound bath in a dark or dimmed room. During the session, it may be that you fall asleep which is totally okay. You will be gently awakened at the end of the session by the facilitator. 



"It was 4 am and I couldn't sleep. I listened to the recording of the sound bath with the crystal singing bowls and immediately fell asleep! I'm looking forward to relistening to it anytime I feel out of balance!" 

Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls



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