Prosperity Enhancement

Prosperity Enhancement

We all have unlimited access to prosperity. We ourselves set limits with our beliefs which we got from our families. This information is saved in our energy body and rules our life. The Prosperity energy healing will aid you to diminish the unwanted clutter in your energy field and will bring you on the path of living an abundant, wealthy and prosperous life.


It starts with unblocking any resistance and karma regarding the prosperity and abundance in your wealth, health and happiness. The second part of the healing increases the prosperity energy in your energy field so that you come more closely into resonance with your total potential of an abundant and prosperous life. We will end with integrating the prosperity energy into your physical body resulting in the ability to manifest your goals and desires quicker.


Additionally, it will raise the total vibration of your energy field, making you a magnet for new opportunities regarding your success and abundance in all parts of your life.