This power protection upgrades your energy system and helps you to still feel energized and centered after you met people. Your system will stop taking up unwanted information from your surroundings and other people’s emotions.


The incorporated guided breathing exercise helps to balance, energize and strengthen the body’s centers and so your whole system. Throughout the healing, the frequencies will release any hidden stress from your body and bring it to a state where it won’t resonate with lower vibrations such as anxiety, stress or anger from other people anymore. Your energetical protection system will get stronger and so unwanted baggage can’t affect your well-being anymore. You can compare it to an energetical immune system which works non-stop and you don’t even realize it.


Altogether it is strengthening your energy channel, which lies in the middle of your body in front of the spine and connects your power centers/ chakras and is crucial for your energetical protection. The more developed your energy channel is, the stronger and denser (in a good way) will your whole system become. All of this results in a higher mental and emotional stability, more energy for yourself and control over your daily well-being.

Power Protection