Mt. Shasta 2020: Become the Mother & the Father you always wanted to be

Mt. Shasta Retreat 2020, California, USA (online retreat) 

“Become the Mother and the Father you always wanted to be”


Mt. Shasta is known as the root chakra of the Earth. Your body has an own root chakra located at the base of your spine which gives you stability where your family is the root chakra of your life which gives you roots on this Earth. When you are born, you take in your place in the family birth order. During the growing-up, you learn the family traditions, get into contact with the family artifacts, and adopt the family beliefs. This process creates your behavioral patterns which get deeply ingrained in your body and finally shapes your daily decisions. And even you might have said once “I will never be like my mother or father”, you can bet on it that you will become exactly them. Your family epigenetics and DNA are full of “wanted and not wanted information” which get splashed on you in seconds before your first breath without asking about your preferences. Shortly said, you are the result of the collected information of your family history over multiple generations. Knowing that your ancestors were going through wars and economic crises you must be aware of the fact that all these experiences are a part of your make-up. These experiences produce emotions that are stored in your “information-energy” body shaping you as an individual - a mother and father. 


Successful parenting is governed by divine laws. To become the mother and the father you always wanted to be, you need to get healed from the parenting flaws of your parents and the less pleasant family history in order to let shine your positive memories and experiences with your family. It does not matter with which kind of information you are born with but what you make out of it. The healing energies of Mt. Shasta Retreat 2020 will clear the negative memories and activate the positive traits of yourself. 


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #1: Forgiveness - to forgive yourself and your parents for not being perfect.


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #2: Empathy - to have empathy for mistakes you or your parents have made.


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #3: Gratitude - to be grateful for your "I am presence", for your parents or children.


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #4: Grace - to give yourself grace for everything you have done in order to give grace to others.


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #5: Kindness - to be kind to yourself so you can be kind to others.


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #6: Humbleness - to become humble for all your abundance and your family.


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #7: Joy - to enjoy all of your life challenges which bring you more life experiences and achievements.


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #8: Peace - to find peace with the past by disconnecting from it in order to move forward into your beautiful future. 


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #9: Hope - to have hope that everything is happening in your best interest so that you can learn new life lessons. 


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #10: Purity - to find purity and essence in yourself to contribute to the abundance in your family.


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #11: Freedom - to become free of all negative patterns which hinder you on your self-development path to becoming the mother or father you always wanted to be. 


Successful Parenting Healing Transmission #12: Unconditional Love - to give yourself permission to receive and to give love unconditionally. 


Your transformation is supported by five meditations that use the elements of nature to smooth your inner change and increase your healing comfort. 

Morning Energy Meditation #1: Earth

Morning Energy Meditation #2: Water

Morning Energy Meditation #3: Fire

Morning Energy Meditation #4: Air

Morning Energy Meditation #5: Space


How to use:

We recommend starting with the meditation sequence from 1 to 5, with one mediation a day followed by one energy healing transmission - either afterward or some hours later. After 5 days you can restart the meditation sequence or just finish the energy healing transmissions. You can also do two or three transmissions a day if you feel comfortable. The healing energies are recommended to everyone, without the need of being a mother or a father. If you wish to increase the healing effect, we further recommend a repetitive practice of the transmissions and meditations.


Costs: CHF444 (sponsored by IFFH)

To download the recordings of the Mt. Shasta 2020 Retreat, click the button below. Feel free to use them for your entire family. 


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Mt. Shasta 2020: Become the Mother & the Father you always wanted to be



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