Do It Yourself Weight Management

The DIY Weight Management consists of a variety of MP3s of energy healing and energy meditations to help you either gain or lose weight, in total 9 recordings all between 20-50 minutes. The meditations are guided and the healings are mostly silent.


Energy Meditations

Immune System Booster: strengthens your immune and lymphatic system 

Power Protection: rebuilds your inner stability and strengthens your core to not take-up other people's emotions anymore


Energy Healings

Weight Management Healing Series #1 & #2: clearing of emotional weight, which blocks physical transformation

Alkaline Body: neutralizes the acidity and increases the alkalinity in your body to function at its best.

Body Detox: flushing out toxins and increasing energy levels

Digestion Detox: detoxing the digestive system to release any stuck emotions

Sleep Regulation: increase your sleep quality to support your weight management. Increases mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Freedom: become free from anxiety, fears, and overthinking your problems. 



You can lie down or be seated - whatever is most comfortable for you. Throughout the energy healing, you don't have to do anything and it doesn't matter if you fall asleep, the healing works on you anyway. The meditation is guided. We recommend listening to one MP3 every day and then repeating the entire cycle. You can also do an energy healing and an energy meditation on the same day.For optimal results, we recommend repeating both of the mp3s on a regular basis.

Do It Yourself Weight Management



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