Altai, Siberia 2020: Discover & Reconnect to Your 7 Powers

This is a recorded online training and its goal is to accelerate your performance in life and business at a multi-dimensional level. Through the energy, healings we will activate your inner powers - 7 hidden treasures - which automatically increase your daily performance in life and business. Total of seven recordings.


1. Power of CONNECTION – we will learn and activate the 7 most important connections in your life which build your emotional support system needed to achieve great results;


2. Power of PURPOSE – we will dive deeply into the discovery of your own purpose and put you on the path of health, wealth, and happiness;


3. Power of FREEDOM – we will be clearing any obstacles in your life & business and harness 7 powers of freedom, which will elevate you on your journey to success;


4. Power of HEART – we will learn about and activate your heart technology to energize your body and any life project through the science of raising your vibration;


5. Power of SILENCE – we will practice efficient meditation techniques, which will support you in building your strength at a multi-dimensional level;


6. Power of INTENTION – we will learn how to manifest positive outcomes in your life and how to develop your daily practice of working with your greatest assets – your thoughts;


7. Power of GRATITUDE – we will apply the vibrational technique of being in your own truth and your center which will multiply your 7 powers bringing your state of being into resonance with the golden ratio - the symbol of creation.



You can lie down or be seated - whatever is most comfortable for you. Throughout the energy healings, you don't have to do anything and it doesn't matter if you fall asleep, the healing works on you anyway. For optimal results, we recommend repeating the mp3s on a monthly/quarterly basis. Every time you repeat the transmissions (energy healings which upgrade your body), they work on a deeper and more subtle level.

Altai, Siberia 2020: Discover & Reconnect to Your 7 Powers



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