Detox | Digestion Well-Being

Detox | Digestion Well-Being

We have all heard at some point in our life, that our gut is like our second brain. So we should take good care of it. This detox energy healing with focus on the well-being of your digestion will help you clear the organs associated with the digestion on an energetical level which then will have an effect in the physical reality. Often we "eat our feelings" or have many emotions stored in our belly area. By detoxing the body from these emotions, the quality of internal biological processes will enhance, your daily energy levels can be boosted, leaving you more energized and with a stronger life force to tackle your life challenges successfully. Everyone at any age can have a good digestion.



The healing is 22 minutes long. During the healing, the mp3 is silent. You can lie down or be seated - whatever is most comfortable for you - and relax. It doesn't matter if you fall asleep, the healing works on you anyways.   For optimal results, we recommend to repeat the mp3 on a regular basis.