Bowen Family Healing Program™


The Bowen Family Healing Program™ is based on the Bowen Family System Theory which was originated by Murray Bowen in the ’50s at Georgetown University in the U.S. and described by his 8 behavioral concepts. It is focused on healing and breaking patterns of anxiety in life and emotional relationships like in a family system. The family represents an emotional unit that regulates its own functioning by using family patterns and family roles being imprinted into the body through past generations and later expected to be fulfilled. Some patterns are important for human development and some can have a detrimental effect on the mental, emotional, and physical health. The Bowen Family Healing ProgramTM focuses on 6 of these 8 concepts supporting the individual transformation for each family member:


Self-Differentiation and Individualisation

Family Triangles

Nuclear Family Emotional Process

Family Projection Process

Emotional Cutoff

Multigenerational Transmission Process


Each concept will be explained during the six individual sessions with the family healing taking place on a particular subject, smoothly and positively transforming the individual member and the family system as a whole. After the process, the client will experience himself as a new person being able to take actions and changes in the future. We recommend waiting with making any substantial life changes for three weeks after the completion and the full integration of the healing program.



After the healing program, we recommend strengthening your self-differentiation through the activation of your individual blueprint system. The goal of the blueprint is to activate your life purpose which will show you the right actions that need to be taken. This will unfold your true identity becoming more authentic instead of being projected by other people’s wishes. The emotional functioning will improve by reducing the number of failures in your life and business leading you to your true deep purpose. This activation is done in four additional sessions.



The individual healing sessions are done either online through Zoom or scheduled offline after which you will receive feedback via email. The costs are CHF1'980 for 6 sessions of the Bowen Family Healing Program™ and CHF 1'100 for 4 sessions of the Blueprint Activation. You can register here for the Bowen Family Healing Program™ and find the Blueprint Activation here. You can first start with the first program and then proceed or book them both at once. Both ways are right as each individual has their own pace of development. The combined healing program will support your transformation in the best way you choose for yourself in terms of your individual life and health goals.


After your purchase, please contact us at to schedule your first session.

Bowen Family Healing Program™



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