Birthday Gift - 3 Sessions

Upgrade Yourself! Upgrade Your Friends and Family!


This Birthday Gift can be used for any type of service as a voucher (f.e. 10 Health & Lifestyle Acceleration sessions, 5 Key Performance Acceleration sessions, or as a mix of them) and can be redeemed anytime, valid for one year after purchase.


There was never an easier way to your health, wealth & happiness!


You will receive a PDF with the text below so you can print it out and give it to the birthday kid.


Happy Birthday!


You received this Birthday Gift where you have 3 sessions open. It can be used for any type of service and can be redeemed anytime, valid until one year after purchase.


Please contact Caroline at [...].

Thank you for your trust and looking forward to seeing you accelerate!


Your IFFH Team

Birthday Gift - 3 Sessions