We help (soon to be) mothers in their pregnancy as well as in the aftercare and their baby. The child's health, behaviour, and well-being are directly influenced by the state of well-being of the mother. And the energetical weight of her emotional and mental issues get directly transferred into the womb, affecting the pregnancy. Through energetically transmuting any blockage, the quality of a healthy pregnancy can be increased and will more likely lead to an easier delivery and a healthier and stronger newborn. 


Our 1-to-1 healing programs help in any stage of pregnancy:

  • not being able to conceive

  • miscarriage

  • during pregnancy

  • preparation for a smooth delivery

  • postpartum healing process

  • premature babies

  • health conditions of the newborn 


The programs below are starter healing packages, which we recommend to any mother, pre - during or post-pregnancy. All healing programs are tailored-made and in our first session together, we will advise you if additional healing sessions are beneficial after the program to secure a happy mother and a healthy child.




Mother Pregnancy Healing Program

CHF 2'500



Baby Healing Program

CHF 750



Miscarriage Healing Program

CHF 1'750