Children's School in Miracles

"Discover your own supernatural powers"

Your children will discover their inner powers which they will re-activate through learning about nature, animals and themselves as part of nature. Further, they will learn and practice new techniques from neurosciences, quantum physics, and ancient knowledge in order to build a rock-solid platform for a successful life.


Fun & creativity guaranteed!



We are all born with many supernatural powers, but we lose them over time. The world which we live in today doesn't yet support the self-development of our inner powers which were overwritten with behaviors and believes causing unhealthy consequences for our health. In the Children’s School in Miracles, your children will get back in touch with their own inner powers - their own magic - which we will help to re-activate through learning about nature, animals and themselves as part of nature. We will learn and practice new techniques from neurosciences, quantum physics, and ancient knowledge in order to build a rock-solid platform for a successful life. Their inner powers, intuition, and wisdom will get awakened and we will teach the children how to use and implement their inner powers in daily life. Fun and creativity are guaranteed in our Children’s School in Miracles!


The Children’s School in Miracles is an online 10-weeks live program for children between the age of 5-15 or after maturity. The Children’s School in Miracles is on Saturdays 10-12h CET and the spoken language is English. After your registration, you will receive detailed information and resources for your children.




Caroline L. Beinhoff





11 April 2020

Lesson 1: Basics of Meditation for Children

In Lesson 1 your children will learn step by step how to meditate, how to focus and how to relax during meditation. They will discover the magic which lies within them and with the help of the crystal singing bowls they will experience a sound healing. Learning to listen to themselves and to a crystal bowl will teach them to communicate and to be comfortable with the silence within. Join here.


18 April 2020

Lesson 2: Communication with Air

In Lesson 2 your children will learn about the first element “air” and its importance in the nature’s kingdom. We will practice a specific breathing technique and activate the hidden powers in the three power centers in their body. During this process, I will guide them through a children-friendly meditation and lead you into a world filled with magic. Join here.


25 April 2020

Lesson 3: Communication with Water

In Lesson 3 your children will learn about the second element “water” as an important factor in nature. They will explore the secret of water, the power of their mind and how they can use the mind to communicate with water and  other elements. At the end, your children will receive an energy healing through the combination of crystal singing bowls and water. Join here.


2 May 2020

Lesson 4: Communication with Earth

In Lesson 4 your children will learn about the third element “earth” as another important element of nature. We will use the earth element to practice a grounding exercise in order to discover the elementary power of the earth. In a guided meditation your children will get connected to these powers and receive deep healing of the earth. Join here.


9 May 2020

Lesson 5: Communication with Fire

In Lesson 5 your children are going to learn about the fourth element “fire” as the last important factor in nature. Further, they will learn and practice communicating with their inner fire and connect with the powerful Phoenix and the mysterious Fire Dragon. We will finish this lesson with an energy healing based on the element fire. Join here.


16 May 2020

Lesson 6: The Earth Kingdoms

In Lesson 6 your children will meet their dragon and travel to the three kingdoms of the earth. They will learn about each of the three kingdoms and experience the magic inside of them - learning the skills of magic. At the end, we will finish with a crystal singing bowl healing to further activate these new skills. Join here.


23 May 2020

Lesson 7: The Power of the Heart

In Lesson 7 your children will discover the energy field of the body and the power of the heart. Further, they will learn about the secret powers about their energy field and their heart which will unlock a door into a world full of magic and love where everything is possible. At the end, we will activate these secret powers through a meditation. Join here.


30 May 2020

Lesson 8: Communication with Animals

In Lesson 8 your children will learn how to communicate with animals telepathically and how to receive answers from them. The first seven lessons build a foundation to communicate with animals and develop telepathic skills. We will finish with an energy healing focused on enhancing this skill. All communication skills which your children learn in our school will benefit them in daily life. Join here.


6 June 2020

Lesson 9: The World of the Trees

In Lesson 9 we will travel to the world of the trees where fairies and magic live. Your children will learn how trees communicate with themselves and how the fairies are an important factor for a healthy forest. Then they will get to know the great healing abilities of trees and how to use them for themselves or others. Get ready to dive into the fairy’s world full of miracles! Join here.


13 June 2020

Lesson 10: Master Class

In Lesson 10 we will summarize all lessons and connect the learned skills to the spectrum of colors. In a meditation, we will travel to the Rainbow Land where we will meet mermaids, flying dragons, unicorns, and other magical beings which will awaken our supernatural powers within ourselves. This lesson will be the master class for your children who will become their own master in communication with nature. Join here.