Welcome to the 12-week Purpose Mentorship for teenagers and young adults who have a burning desire to become their most successful Self. In the weekly 1-to-1 sessions, you will learn and implement the principles of being successful, create new habits, and build a stronger, healthier, and more successful Self. Only by creating this foundation of knowledge, determination, and consistency in healthy practices, you can be healthy, wealthy, and happy in the long run.


During these 12-weeks, you will (1) learn how to meditate correctly and use it for your advantage and (2) learn techniques from quantum physics, neurosciences, and energy medicine to establish this foundation, which will amongst other things reduce your daily stress, increase your concentration and bring structure into your life. Then, we build onto that foundation with successful goal setting and an action plan for during and after the coaching. Additionally, I will show you how to create a positive mindset that withstands challenging situations. At the end of this program, you will have a new lifestyle that supports long-term health, wealth and happiness and taken the significant steps to become your most successful Self.


For all participants enrolled in the program, a monthly online group call is scheduled where we will discuss a main topic and have an open Q&A.





  • Anxiety & Frustration

  • Feeling Lost & Stuck

  • Uncontrolled Up & Downs



  • Low Self-Confidence

  • Often Stressed & Overwhelmed

  • Difficulty Managing Time



  • Addiction (Alcohol, Social Media, Video Games,...)

  • Unhealthy Relationships 

  • Wasting time 'trying' rather than a clear action plan



  • Weekly 1-to-1 Coaching

  • Monthly Group Coaching

  • Contact Caroline anytime for help and answers


Recommended (not included)

  • Events such as Meditations and Energy Healings

  • Online Health: MP3s to Download

  • Retreats



  • Happy & Fulfilled

  • Self-Love

  • Clarity & Life-Purpose



  • Self-Responsibility

  • Positive Mindset

  • Stress Resilient


  • Qualitative Problem-Solving

  • Increased Concentration

  • Healthy Habits

  • Communication Skills

  • Successful Goal Achieving

Your Coach and Accountability Partner


Caroline L. Beinhoff will help you over the course of 12 weeks to become your most successful Self: mentally, emotionally, and physically.


All the knowledge, techniques, and practices that are taught in this mentorship, Caroline has gathered from over 20 years of experience and applies the learnings in her everyday life to continuously increase her well-being and performance.


Read the entire CV here.


  • 12 weekly sessions à 90 minutes

  • 3 monthly group masterminds à 120 minutes.

  • Documents, Tasks & Guidelines for each week in a PDF including additional study material

  • 15h+ of recordings of guided energy meditations and energy healings

  • All training sessions are online over Zoom.

  • The language is German, English, or Slovak. 


Application Process

If you resonate with this program, please register below for a free call. Due to limited spots and high demand, Caroline only works with those who are fully committed to their goals.


"During the purpose mentorship sessions, I learned how to pick out the positive sides of life and find happiness with where I am at now. Before the coaching, I thought that I was happy. Now I'm at a completely new level of happiness! It also made my dreams, wishes, or aspirations seem more accomplishable and helped me fixate on what I really want and need right now, and gave my mind a strong reason why I should follow my goals, which I believe is and will continue to be a great motivator for me. I believe that the mentorship also helped me find my self-worth and willpower. Caroline has a very open-minded, easy-going, and loving personality which made it a lot easier for me to open up to her and making the first few big steps into becoming my most successful Self." 


Savanna, 20, Switzerland