Increase Your Focus, Resilience & Success

A regular and correct meditation practice has been scientifically proven that it increases concentration, endurance, and health. It can even improve brain function and self-awareness which overall contributes to a greater well-being.


We offer online and in-person workshops, where you will learn how to meditate correctly (posture, breathing, practice routine) so that you can enjoy its advantages on your own. Further, we do online meditation events always focused on one topic, which are also suited for beginners.



Reconnect to Yourself & Connect to Your Purpose

Shamanic medicine is known since ancient times and counts to the sacred technologies on earth, which were given to humanity to be able to survive into future generations. Shamans cared for the health of the tribe, favorable weather conditions for crops and good relationships with the spirits of nature. Humans would be barely able to survive until nowadays without having access to these healing practices in the past.


Today, practitioners being born with shamanic wisdom help to heal chronic and incurable diseases by tackling the root of the problem instead of the symptoms. A shamanic healing has no negative side effects and focuses on the healing of the “mind, body and spirit”. Shamanism is not a religion.



Expand Your Health, Wealth & Happiness

Our human body consists of 7 energetical bodies, from which we can physically see the physical body. As a whole, it constantly interacts with the outside world, exchanging and saving the information into the different energetical bodies. These pieces of data can be beneficial or detrimental for your body, supporting or preventing growth, success, health, and happiness.


Everything that can be found in the physical existed previously in the energetical realm. Since energy medicine focuses on healing the source of the issue, it can be reduced or eliminated for effectively.

Addictions are not more than a certain information in one's energy field, which was saved in your system through a specific behaviour over time. Since our subconscious mind is constantly looking to bring your mind and body to a state of bliss, it often finds so to speak "solutions", which may cancel out the information of a certain addiction in the given moment but are detrimental long-term. 


The Addiction Management programs are focused on transmuting the information - eliminating the source of the addictive behaviour.

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Pre - During - Post Pregnancy

We help (soon to be) mothers in their pregnancy as well as in the aftercare and their baby. The child's health, behaviour, and well-being are directly influenced by the state of well-being of the mother. And the energetical weight of her emotional and mental issues get directly transferred into the womb, affecting the pregnancy.


Our 1-to-1 healing programs help in any stage of pregnancy:

  • not being able to conceive

  • miscarriage

  • during pregnancy

  • preparation for a smooth delivery

  • postpartum healing process

  • premature babies

  • health conditions of the newborn 


Clear Energetical Weight & The Body Adjusts

The Weight Management programs are based on a holistic approach to help you manage your weight –  to lose or gain weight. Due to your emotional and mental weight being connected to your physical weight, it can show itself either in absence or excess.


If you clear and heal the energetical weight, the physical body will automatically follow and adjust. Under the terminology 'energetical weight' we mean unsupportive information saved in your energy field, such as anger, fear of letting go, guilt, lack of love, etc. blocking the physical change in weight. Clearing your energy field beforehand will make the effort of gaining or losing weight much easier and quicker. The integration process varies in time.

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Access Your Past & Win Your Future

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), developed by Dolores Cannon, accesses the somnambulistic state which we go through right before waking up or falling asleep. During this state, we experience theta brain waves through which we can connect to our all-knowing part and obtain unlimited information. Benefits of having a QHHT session can be:


  • Insightful information on your health, relationships, job, etc. and on how to live a greater life

  • A deeper understanding of your purpose

  • Release of fear and anxiety 

  • Increase in physical, emotional, and mental health

  • Answers to any of your questions


Meditations | Workshops | Retreats

All of our online events are aligned to help you increase the quality of your life. Each of them has a different focus, whereas the retreats are a mix of an in-depth training and relax out in nature.


Our meditations are simple yet effective and a perfect way to better one's health or increase one's profitability. Regular practice of the meditations will help you get the wanted results to stick longterm.



Oscar, 44, Netherlands

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